At feetzi we are totally transparent. Accordingly, we do not receive any remuneration from partner merchants for ranking offers.

These are classified by default by price. On each results page, you will find the number of products found along with the number of partner merchants offering these same products

Results posted on our site originate from information and data provided by the partner merchants; therefore, these results are not exhaustive of all the offers available on the Internet.

Each product posted on our site includes:

  • A product visual
  • A price (tax included)
  • The shipping costs that may be applied by the merchant, or if we do not know them, the words "shipping +" indicating that the merchant may apply shipping to the product concerned.

Frequency of Product Updates

The products displayed on feetzi are updated several times a day. However, due to technical constraints on each partner merchant, the frequency with which products are updated may vary for some merchants.

Accuracy of Information Displayed

The results we show issue from the information processing we receive from partner merchants. For technical reasons, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the offers.

If a difference is found between the offer displayed by feetzi and offers displayed on the partner merchant site, the partner merchant’s offer will always prevail.

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