A cookie is a small file that can be saved on a navigation device. A cookie allows its issuer, during its period of validity, to recognize the navigation device concerned every time it accesses content belonging to the issuer of the cookie.

During your first visit to feetzi, whatever the page, a banner informing you of the use of cookies will appear.

Purpose of cookies

Navigation cookies

Navigation cookies allow your experience on the feetzi site to be improved. These cookies do not require prior agreement to be deposited on your navigation device.

These cookies allow us:

  • To store information on the country of delivery for the device and the browser used
  • To store information about the user’s wishlist for the device and the browser used

Visitor measurement cookies

Visitor measurement cookies allow us to compile statistics on visitors, volume and routes taken by users on the feetzi site and on its component parts.

Third-party cookies

These are not deposited by feetzi. When you click on a banner ad or a link to access a partner merchant’s site, a cookie is then deposited on your navigation device.

Third-party vendors must obviously comply with the applicable legislation.

Social network sharing cookies

feetzi allows you to use social network sharing features for content on the site. The cookies of these social networks are managed by these social networks’ publisher sites. We invite you to read the various conditions relating to cookies on the websites of the publishers concerned.

Managing cookies

Accepting cookies

The user is presumed to have agreed:

  • when clicking the close icon on the cookies information banner, visible when first connecting to the feetzi website;
  • when continuing his or her navigation on the feetzi site (when clicking on a link, an image, a page or any other element not present on the cookies information banner).

The user is presumed to have agreed:

The validity of the acceptance of cookies is only valid for a period of thirteen (13) months from the first deposit of cookies on the user’s navigation terminal following the agreement of the user.

Refusal of cookies

The refusal of cookies causes degradation of the services offered by feetzi, including eliminating the possibility:

  • of using the site’s wishlist feature
  • of saving preferences on the user’s country of delivery

Should cookies be rejected, feetzi disclaims all responsibility related to the degraded operation of the site.

Navigation software configuration

Cookie control?

Modern browsers allow for defining the parameters of cookies:

Either by requiring user confirmation for each cookie deposited on their browser terminal,

  • Or by accepting only cookies from web sites indicated by the user,
  • Or by deleting specific cookies,
  • Or by refusing all cookies.

Disabling a cookie?

Some browsers allow you to block third-party cookies and/or block only cookies that do not meet your privacy preferences. You will find below links for accessing cookie management on your browser.

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