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How to buy sneakers online ?

If you have come this far it is because you want to buy sneakers online. In this short guide we help you find the shoe that best suits you. There are indeed dozens of different brands and styles for men, women and children. This guide lists for you the best sneakers brands, the trendy styles but also the top online stores to buy them.

How to choose the right size for your sneakers

First of all, you should know that each sneaker brand has its own shoe size system. To choose the right size here are some useful tips so you can not go wrong before placing your order.

Measure your foot size

Nothing could be simpler, just a pen, a sheet of paper and a ruler.

  • Step 1: Place your sheet on the floor against a wall angle
  • Step 2: Place your foot on the sheet with the heel well pressed against the wall then draw a line at the level of your longest toe
  • Step 3: Then take the measurement from the beginning of the sheet (from the heel) to the line. You then have your size in centimeters.

Read the brands size guides

Once you have your shoe size in centimeters you just have to go to the size guide of the brand of your choice. Find the line that corresponds to your size in centimeters and you will then find the correspondence in European size.

Read customer reviews on styles and shoes

Today many brands like Nike or adidas let their customers post opinions on the pairs of sneakers that have been bought. These notices quite often include indications on how the shoe is worn. Reading these reviews will allow you to determine if the pair concerned is smaller or larger. The product sheets can also be interesting, some brands do not hesitate to advise you directly to take a smaller or larger size.

What are the best sneaker stores online

There are many online stores to acquire a new pair. Two types of shops allow you to find what you need:

  • The brands' online stores
  • Reseller online stores

Our sneaker stores guide allows you to consult the list of our partners. We favor quality rather than quantity, all the stores with which we work have a European reputation, are secure, and generally deliver everywhere in the world with delivery solutions such as DHL, UPS or even FEDEX.

Buy your sneakers cheaper

There are several tips for buying sneakers at a lower cost. You have indeed favorable periods for the purchase as well in brands online sotres or reseller online stores. We explain how to buy your sneakers at the best price.

Compare sneaker prices

With the large number of online sneaker stores the best way to save on sneakers is to compare prices between different stores. For that feetzi allows you to compare sneakers prices by simply entering the name of the pair you want to buy in our search bar, you can then filter the results for men, women and children, by color, but also by size and price.

Discounts on sneakers

Another tip is to spot the sneakers on promotion. It is generally rare on brands stores but it happens quite often on resellers online store. Unlike a brand, resellers must sell off their stock of sneakers fairly quickly to prepare for the next season. Some resellers offer fairly regular discounts and promotional codes on sneakers that they wish to sell fairly quickly.

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